Saxophone Rental

The Five Most Difficult Things About Learning to Play the Sax

Posted: 17th Feb 2021

Whether you’re a fan of jazz or The Simpsons, if you’re looking for an instrument to learn, the saxophone is arguably one of the coolest. Even just the look of it – the shape, the way you hold it – it’s just… cool. And the sax really does make a great instrument to play. But, like other instruments, learning the saxophone isn’t without its difficulties. So, what do you need to prepare yourself for if your child announces that they want to join the school band and play sax?

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Should I Encourage My Child to Learn to Play the Oboe?

Posted: 8th Feb 2021

The oboe is one of those instruments with a reputation. Despite its gloriously sweet, accessible tones, few people want to learn it. Why? Because it is known for being difficult. The technique required to play it is often termed ‘counter-intuitive.’ Reeds can be problematic. And over time, playing the oboe can be quite expensive.

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Five Tips for Beginner Clarinet Players

Posted: 28th Jan 2021

When you’re learning to play an instrument, there is nothing more disheartening than being unable to produce a good sound. And while the clarinet makes an excellent choice for any young would-be musician, being lightweight, portable, and relatively easy to play, it can still take a little time to master the basics.

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Snare Drum

How to Care for Your Snare Drum and Bell Kit

Posted: 19th Jan 2021

Learning to play a new instrument is exciting. Perhaps especially percussion instruments because you can make a decent sound right from the very start. There’s no messing around blowing raspberries, or fiddling around with strings. If you have a basic sense of rhythm, you can play from the day that you receive your rental instrument. But there’s more to snare drum ownership than simply playing. You need to care for it too.

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Trumpet Practice

Practice Tips for Playing the Trumpet

Posted: 19th Jan 2021

With any new year comes new plans. If your son or daughter has resolved to learn a new instrument for 2021, you’re probably wondering where to start.

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Viola Rental

Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Viola

Posted: 17th Dec 2020

So, your child has decided that they want to join the school band. Have you considered the viola as an instrument choice? Most people know the viola as a string instrument that fills the gap between the violin and the cello. But here are a few other facts you might be interested to learn.

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Instrument Rental

Top Five Band Instruments for Beginners

Posted: 17th Dec 2020

According to a Gallup survey conducted in 2003, 95 percent of Americans believe that music is a key component in a child's well-rounded education. The problem is that most parents have very little idea about how to play a musical instrument themselves. So, when their son or daughter expresses an interest in joining the school band, they feel ill-equipped to provide any advice.

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Musical instrument benefits

The Benefits of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

Posted: 7th Dec 2020

When your child comes home from school and beamingly announces the intention of joining the school band, parents almost inevitably feel trepidation. Is it going to be noisy? Is it going to be expensive? And, honestly, is it going to be worth all the effort? And that’s understandable. Especially if your own experience of school music consisted of tunelessly tooting a recorder until you lost interest… and everyone else you knew lost the will to live!

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Flute rental

Why the Flute is One of the Best Instruments for Beginners to Learn

Posted: 1st Dec 2020

Learning an instrument can be a fabulous thing for a child. It’s not only a new skill, but it can become a lifetime’s passion, a form of escapism and relaxation, a means to hone concentration, and even a lucrative career. But before you start planning lessons and renting instruments, you and your child need to make a decision: which instrument to learn. If your son or daughter is already enthusiastic about a particular instrument, then problem easily solved. But if you and they are looking for suggestions, then the flute is really worth considering.

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School Band Instrument Rental

Should You Buy or Rent Your Child’s Band Instrument?

Posted: 23rd Nov 2020

There comes a moment in almost every parent’s life where they have to consider the question of school band. Whether it’s a passing phase of the start of a lifetime’s passion, almost every kid is drawn to the idea of learning to play a musical instrument and being part of the school band. And it’s a great thing. Learning to play an instrument can help children with all kinds of things, from confidence to abstract reasoning and memory. But for parents, it carries a question: should you rent, or should you buy your child’s band instrument? In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the key considerations.

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